As a music producer Tommy Osuna has worked on over twenty independent releases for other artists, helping them achieve warmth, dimension, and a unique identity that is frequently lost in the digital age.

Tommy takes a real hands-on approach in getting to the inner core of each musician and songwriter that he works with, allowing them to reach the full capabilities of their true authentic self. All aspects of creating music – lyric writing, melody, rhythm, and overall presentation – are reviewed and nurtured by Tommy. Throughout the process the budding musician learns to ‘hear’ their music as it is being composed.

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Tommy Osuna with Buddy Miles

Produced, composed, wrote lyrics, played guitar and keyboards. Played bass on selected tracks.

Message from the Tiki Man

Tommy Osuna

Produced, written, performed, engineered, and mixed.

Third Stream

Tommy Osuna

Produced, composed, played guitar, and mixed.

Ordinary Magic

Brenda Layne

Produced, engineered, mixed, played guitar, bass, and other instruments. Co-writer on selected tracks.

Dub Station

Dub Station

Produced, played guitar, and mixed. Co-writer on selected tunes.

Sly Dunbar, Chinna Smith & Tommy Osuna

Sly Dunbar, Chinna Smith & Tommy Osuna

Produced, composed, and played guitar. Recorded in Jamaica. (Sly & Robbie, originally of Black Uhuru, have also played with David Bowie and the Rolling Stones and produced No Doubt)


Eldon Kraft

Produced, engineered, played guitar, and mixed.



Recorded, produced, and mixed.


Our Man Paul

Produced, engineered, and mixed.

Colin McKay’s Cosmic Sensations

Colin McKay

Produced, engineered, mixed, and played guitar. Co-writer on selected tunes.


Firefly (Teri Blasko)

Produced, engineered, co-wrote, and played guitar and bass.

American Hot

The Perfect Candidates

Produced, engineered, and played guitar and bass.


Edwina Brady

Produced, engineered, mixed, played guitar, and provided voice-overs.