Poor Man (2019)

Tommy Osuna

Can’t Take It (2020)

Tommy Osuna

Spam In A Can (2018)

Tommy Osuna

A comedy rock song about the universal wonder food: SPAM!

Spam In A Can: Rock Version (sample)


Ordinary Magic (2016)

Tommy Osuna with Brenda Layne

Neo-classic rock for hippies young and old featuring Brenda Layne on vocals and as co-writer.


Trippin (2009)

Tommy Osuna

Tommy Osuna and Buddy Miles play 70’s-style psychedelic blues rock.



Message from the Tiki Man (2002)

Tommy Osuna

Tommy’s second album is a musical journey that will take you from Africa and India to outer space and beyond with a rock ‘n roll attitude.

Message from the Tiki Man

Third Stream (1995)

Tommy Osuna

Tommy Osuna’s self-produced debut of original compositions combines world music and rock styles into an intoxicating exotic rock blend.