“If you desire a mentor to guide you into the rhythm of yourself, to show you how to express a new awareness through a divine-given, audibly tangible method, and to open the sensitive envelope of ‘this is me and this is what my soul has to say’ – then go to Tommy Osuna.”

Jessie Finneman

“Tommy Osuna has a natural way of being that tends to facilitate self observation in those around him. Working with him has thus led me to a deeper understanding of my own artistic processes than I ever thought possible… that I wasn’t even looking for. It’s been a challenge, to be sure. But one that has me feeling more empowered to create than ever before. And because of this, I’ve done better work than I thought possible.

Brian von Ahsen

“I’ve known Tommy for several years. We met thru fellow musicians and have done gigs together. As music study and growth is a constant process I approached Tommy a couple of years ago and requested some tutoring since he has extensive music training and experience. I’ve played professionally for over ten years and I’m amazed at the time we’ve spent together. He has been able to tailor his teachings to my needs beautifully! read more

I’m a harmonica player and have needed a deeper understanding of theory to continue my growth as a player. Tommy took the time to understand my instrument and my style of playing and lay out exactly my needs. I’ve studied with a lot of accomplished players in the past but hands down Tommy has far surpassed their teachings by breaking down in layman’s terms the complexities of music theory in an easily digestible way to help me reach new levels in my playing. We’ve developed an amazing friendship throughout this process and I would highly recommend him to anyone, at any level, and any age! Thank you Tommy for your creative and fun teachings and your uncanny ability to turn obstacles into successes! Much love brother and thank you for bringing the joy of music into my life and the lives of many others!”

Ane Pessin

“The Osuna School of Music has taught me more about music than all the years that I played through schools! Tommy has also showed me more about who I am as a person and showed me through different styles of music that reaching the soul through music is a healing process! It’s a great school for sure!”

Jason Clark

“Tommy, quick shout out to thank you for your contribution to my music! Your session work, production and song writing advice always takes the music to the next level! I’ll be mastering my album next week. Can’t wait to get it out there.”

John McBreen

“What could I possibly say about the man who paved a path so that my journey could shake hands with its destination? Words dont really get us there, but from what Tommy has shown me, following your passion can.” read more

When I first came to Tommy I didnt really know what I wanted, I had a passion for something musical, but Tommy was the one who was able to see my potential and bring it out of me. He helped me develop my songwriting craft, recording, and studio professionalism. One of the best experiences of my life was sitting in his car listening to a song we both put hours into. All that hard work climaxed into a finished product. I couldnt believe that was me I was hearing. That was the moment I knew where I wanted to take my journey through life. Oh boy… what can I say? Words cant describe that for me but maybe music can. Thank you Tommy.

Watch Angelo’s video

Angelo Caprio

“Tommy nurtured in me a confidence that was completely lacking before I began to work with him. He’d gently refuse to let me say something was good enough when he believed I could do better. Tommy taught me about building a recording with timely suggestions about how to keep a song moving. It always felt to me like we were partners in creating the recordings of my songs. I know without a doubt there would be no ‘music by Eldon Kraft’ if I’d never connected with Tommy Osuna.”

Eldon Kraft

“Hey you people out there! If you ever have the chance to work with Tommy Osuna as a producer/musician you’ll end up with a unique and creative product to cherish forever! I’m talking about true artistry here – one of a kind! Tommy is a brilliant talent and a wonderful friend!

Watch Terri’s video

Terri Loewy


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Tommy was trained at the Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA) and Musicians Institute (Hollywood, CA, where he was nominated Guitar Player of the Year) and has 28 years of experience teaching music. Beginners to advanced, all ages from toddlers to elders and everyone in between – on guitar, bass, drums, ukulele and many other instruments! He has performed and done studio recordings with Johnny Cash, Buddy Miles, Sly Dunbar and Earl “Chinna” Smith and has produced dozens of albums for recording artists. LEARN MORE ABOUT TOMMY

I love teaching music! If you are brand new to your instrument I will teach you the fundamentals while helping you to tap into your creativity and make the music your own from the very beginning. If you’ve been playing for a while I can show you how to fill in all those musical gaps that have not allowed your playing to excel to the next level.

I will break down how music is put together in the simplest way so you can use what you’ve learned immediately. In addition to instrumental technique and theory, I can teach you songwriting, how to put together and rehearse a band, how to play live and many other facets of musicianship.

Contact me and start learning how to really express yourself and make the music that you’ve always dreamed of making!